Prestwood Software Ltd. develop and support top of the range programs for Financial Planners in the UK and is widely recognised as the UK's leading software in this sector. Prestwood provides a complete system leading from initial data gathering (complete with fact finding questionnaire) through comprehensive taxation and investment analysis procedures to a wide range of 'what-if' facilities related to capital, income, expenditure, projected cashflow, estate planning, investment, education expenses, pensions, life assurance, disability, business planning and much more. FinaMetrica is integrated into Prestwood planning software. View special subscription offer for Prestwood advisers.

We offer a 20% discount off our standard subscription price for Prestwood users. Please select Prestwood under Alliance when subscribing.


Risk Profiling Resources for Pretwood Users

Below are customised FinaMetrica resources for Prestwood users, you can find all our standard resources here.


QuickStart Guide Supplement

This guide introduces you to FinaMetrica's risk tolerance questionnaire and report, and explains one methodology for integrating risk tolerance into your planning process.

 Standard QuickStart Guide
 QuickStart Guide Supplement for Prestwood Users