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Your use of the FinaMetrica system will be unlimited during that time. Upon subscription, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail within one working day.

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   •   Volume discount for six or more advisors are available here.
   •   Multi-year discount for 2 & 3 year terms, contact us and we'll send you an invoice.



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Non-Australian AMEX users: Please note that payment by AMEX can only be accepted in Australian dollars. At the Secure Payment Page you will need to select “Australian Dollar” from the “Choose currency” field as AMEX requires the payment to be made in AUD at today's exchange rate. Your account will be debited in the currency of your invoice calculated from the exchange rate at the time of the debit. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management.


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  • 2 years subscription

    - get a 7% discount
  • 3 years subscription

    - get a 14% discount
  • For multi-year subscription, please contact us and we'll
    send you an invoice.

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