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The SCOPE KYC Cloud portal is a MiFIDII and GDPR compliant customer portal for financial planners and wealth managers that includes the FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance kit.

The SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal is designed to simplify and streamline content and process relating to European Know Your Customer obligations against both regulatory and best practice standards. We’ve worked with some of the best experts in the legal field and user experience field to create our SCOPE KYC Cloud portal, to make sure it meets all best-practice requirements. For example, the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal is compliant with MiFID, MiFID II and the GDPR.

As part of the SCOPE KYC process we included the FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Kit for the best possible advice. By using our Know Your Customer solution you prevent fines from the financial watchdogs and your client data is always stored safely in the cloud.

See how it works here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6WMdps2K6U

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