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OMNIMax™ helps businesses "Robotize" their financial planning offering whilst retaining a personal service. OMNIMax™ addresses all three stages of the advice process, Pre Advice, Advice and Ongoing Advice securing lifetime clients.

OMNIMax™’s marketing and client engagement tools facilitate the effective use of the web and social media, creatively collecting clients' needs and risk profile. This then flows seamlessly into OMNIMax™’s AdviceMap Plan Writing and Review tool enabling compliant online advice on an ongoing basis. The OMNIMax™ Client Portal enables clients to document any changes prior to Reviews or additional Advice. User interfaces and document outputs are 100% customisable to match branding and market offerings.

OMNIMax™ offers full integration with FinaMetrica and a 10% reduction on your FinaMetrica Subscription. Please select OMNIMax under Alliance when subscribing.

QuickStart Guide Supplement

This guide introduces you to FinaMetrica's risk tolerance questionnaire and report, and explains one methodology for integrating risk tolerance into your planning process.

 Standard QuickStart Guide
 QuickStart Guide Supplement for OMNIMax™ Users