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About FinaMetrica

The FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Toolkit™ helps advisors and enterprises create lifetime relationships, through better advice that results in clients who refer more, invest more and remain suitably invested through market highs and lows.

No matter why you are reviewing your risk tolerance testing, be it to meet ever changing regulatory obligations, better match investment recommendations to clients’ needs or to improve communication with clients you will want to know that you are working with a market proven methodology backed by strong academic evidence.

The FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Toolkit™ was launched in 1998. It was developed and trialed in Australia over four years with the assistance of the University of New South Wales. It's now maintained with expertise from the London School of Economics, and has gained international recognition as world's best practice. The Toolkit’s reliability and validity is backed by over a million uses by thousands of financial advisors in over 20 countries.

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