x NEW SuitabilityPro™️: FinaMetrica Profiler is now available in Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Australia.
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IPS AdvisorPro

Created by financial advisors for financial advisors, IPS AdvisorPro is designed to work for all types of wealth management professionals and their practices. IPS AdvisorPro offers a flexible, easy-to-use platform for creating and managing investment policy statements in an encrypted, secure web-based environment. With more than 1,600 users and 50,000 IPSs created, IPS AdvisorPro is the industry’s leading technology solution. IPS AdvisorPro was named Software of the Year by Morningstar in 2006 and was a CPA Wealth Provider Financial Planning Awards winner in 2009.

FinaMetrica is integrated into IPS AdvisorPro software, advisors who subscribe to both technologies can import their clients’ risk profile reports directly from the FinaMetrica system into investment policy statements generated using IPS AdvisorPro.