Enhance Investor

Enhance Investor is a suite of financial planning and investment tools designed specifically for use by Financial Advisors, IFA’s, in South Africa.

As has been the case in other jurisdictions such as the UK and Australia, South African IFA’s are having to deal with many challenges being posed by the evolving regulatory environment and the need for tools that assist them in this process is greater than ever before.

We have created a financial planning resource which centres on a customisable CRM tool and we have expanded and enhanced the functionality by integrating 3rd party applications such as FinaMetrica, Google Drive, Wunderlist, AnyMeeting, Provide Support and 4Sight Financial Tools, just to mention some of our integration partners. We are continually seeking out new integrations which will further expand and enhance the functionality of the tool.

The result of this application integration method of building a financial planning solution is that the functionality of the tool is being enhanced and improved as the integrated applications are updated and improved by their developers. Enhance Investor is a web based solution and will work on PC’s, Tablets and Mobile Phones including most operating systems.

Another unique feature of Enhance Investor is the Robo-Planner, a self-help resource that enables IFA’s to service and communicate with all clients, a capability which will be important in complying with the dictates of RDR as it is implemented.

Notwithstanding that we have developed the software for the South African IFA, the resource can be fairly easily adapted for use in other international markets.

Please take the time to have a look at our website at Enhance Investor to gain further insights into how we have structured the tool and its functionality.

QuickStart Guide Supplement

This guide introduces you to FinaMetrica's risk tolerance questionnaire and report, and explains one methodology for integrating risk tolerance into your planning process.

 Standard QuickStart Guide
 QuickStart Guide Supplement for Enhance Users