June 2017

When Investments Don’t Fit Properly

Welcome to our June newsletter. This month we examine the cause of ill-fitting investments, the misleading investment stereotypes applied to women and a case study of an advisor using risk tolerance in everyday financial decisions.

- Nicki Potts, Chief Operating Officer


When Investments Don’t Fit Properly

Unsuitable investments are not just annoying, like a poorly fitting suit – they can threaten your financial wellbeing. In this confronting article Paul Resnik argues that poor investment suitability is the underlying cause of most financial advice scandals. More...

Help clients understand their risk tolerance so you can form a
lifelong, profitable relationship

Using Risk Tolerance in Everyday Decisions      

The advisor in this article references a client's risk tolerance in everyday decision making, compared with many others who regard risk tolerance as a 'one-time-use' for asset allocation decisions. More...

Investing Stereotypes of Women Are Wrong

There is a dominant stereotype of women that says they lack financial knowledge and confidence and have low financial risk tolerance. This article argues that smart financial operators are developing new female-friendly concepts and investing spaces. More...

Close Brothers Maps to FinaMetrica

FinaMetrica is delighted to have mapped the Close Brothers Discretionary Funds, Managed Portfolio Service and Discretionary Management Service to our risk tolerance scores, allowing advisors to easily select the right investment solutions to suit their client’s individual needs. More...

Podcast: The Language of Risk

A guide to the language of risk has been released by FinaMetrica, to help the industry focus on how risk is described and put into context for customers. In this re-broadcast episode, the creators of the guide explain why and how they undertook this work. (First broadcast September 2016). More...

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