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February 2018 - FinaMetrica 3.0 is Here

FinaMetrica Risk Profiling

FinaMetrica Risk Profiling
PlanPlus Global Group of Companies

This month, there’s a major update to the FinaMetrica platform with a two-month transition period to help you adjust. Meanwhile, we are celebrating a global award for the best risk tolerance test!

- Nicki Potts, SVP Product Development

FinaMetrica 3.0 is Here

The new update to FinaMetrica has launched! To use it, just select ‘Version 3’ when you create a new questionnaire.

You don’t have to switch immediately – the current version 2 test will remain available through March & April while you make the change. From May onwards all tests will be in version 3.

Updated Materials

- Release notes
- Updated technical manual
- Updated mappings
- Updated risk & return reports

Help clients understand their risk tolerance so you can form a
lifelong, profitable relationship

We Win 'Best risk profiling' Award!

We’re feeling very proud that FinaMetrica has won a global award as the Best Risk Profiling solution! Judges in the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards were particularly impressed by the way our risk and return guides helped explain potential volatility in context with risk tolerance. More...

Satisfied Clients Are What We Aim For

FinaMetrica users give us one of the highest satisfaction rating of any risk tolerance testing instrument, according to the 2018 Software Survey & Analysis. We love hearing this news, because satisfied clients is what we work hard to achieve! Read about all the software making waves here.

Justifying Costs by Proving Your Value

Disclosure rules about costs have triggered a lot of soul-searching in the UK, as the penny starts to drop that when people are focused on costs you have to prove what value they are getting in return. PlanPlus’ Paul Resnik recently joined a panel discussion on the asset management skills that planners need in this environment. More...

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