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Close Brothers Maps to FinaMetrica

Close Brothers Maps to FinaMetrica

FinaMetrica is delighted to have mapped the Close Brothers Discretionary Funds, Managed Portfolio Service and Discretionary Management Service to our risk tolerance scores, allowing advisers to easily select the right investment solutions to suit their client’s individual needs.

The Close funds and discretionary services are actively managed multi-asset solutions designed to meet the risk and return requirements of a wide range of clients. All the funds and services are broadly diversified across a wide range of equity, fixed income and alternative assets and sectors and provide access to global investment opportunities. They are powered by a single investment engine and have a consistent approach to asset allocation through Close’s Strategic Asset Allocation framework. Value is added through the investment team’s Tactical Asset Allocation overlay. Close’s philosophy of prudent management of capital underpins their investment process.

Close’s offerings provide choice for advisers as to the service which is right for their client -

• The Close Discretionary Funds consist of the directly invested “Portfolio” Funds, the fund-of funds “Managed” Funds and the active/passive “Tactical Select Passive” Funds

• The Managed Portfolio Service invests in a broad range of third-party funds and is available on a range of platforms.

The Discretionary Management Service is a full segregated DFM service which invests in a mixture of direct holdings and third-party funds and is tailored to the client’s risk and return tolerance. Find out more about the close range here.

by FinaMetrica Pty Ltd
June 19, 2017