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FinaMetrica and PlanPlus merge!

In a classic case of one plus one equalling three, two of the leading purveyors of wealth management advice tools have joined forces to create an industry powerhouse.

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Episode 6: The Five Proofs

Episode 6: The Five Proofs

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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Paul Resnik, from FinaMetrica discusses the five ‘proofs’ of investment suitability for financial planners. Paul argues you must be able to prove these five things to claim you are giving suitable financial advice:

      1. Prove you know the client’s circumstances, needs and aspirations
      2. Prove you have explored alternative financial behaviours and strategies
      3. Prove you know the products and services being recommended to a client
      4. Prove you have explained to the client the risks in the plan and the products through which the plan will be                   implemented
      5. Prove you have received the client’s informed consent to the risks in the plan.